Limited Edition Buffalo Soldier Clothing and Merchandise Store

P & L Enterprises is a moncler business which exhibits and sells Buffalo Soldier limited edition sculptures, prints, busts, and books depicting Blacks in the military and the old west.

The hobby of researching the life of their great uncle, who was a "Buffalo Soldier" assigned to troop E, 9th cavalry from 1909 to 1913, inspired the principles of the company, Charles and Paul Lancaster, William Plater and Nadine Lancaster-Robinson to research the history of Black western pioneers, known as the Buffalo Soldier. The enterprise which was a hobby, has evolved into a successful business venture.

History of the Buffalo Soldiers

September 21, 1866, the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army was formed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The name "Buffalo Soldiers" was given to the African-Americans by their Indian opponents for their bravery and tenacity in battle. The soldiers were so proud of this title that the 10th cavalry incorporated it into their official military crest. The "Buffalo Soldiers" compiled an enviable military record. They had the lowest desertion and alcoholism rates of any unit in the United States Army.

Between 1866 and 1890 seventeen members of the 9th and 10th cavalry were awarded the Medal of Honor. Despite their great sacrifices and outstanding performances, the "Buffalo Soldiers" still have not been fully recognized or appreciated by their country.

The "Buffalo Soldiers" were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army. The oldest Buffalo Soldier was Mark Matthews, who died September 6, 2005 at the age of 111. (1)
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